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Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter Release 2018.2 - May 2018

The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity).

All customers who do not have access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following link: » Login or registration customer center

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want the release on a data medium. Direct Siemens PLM Software customers can get the release from the GTAC download area.

This Shop Floor Connect Release 2018.2 supports all Teamcenter UA versions from 9.x up to the actual version Teamcenter 11.x.

Urgent Service notes

  • DNC Connect only supports the actual NX versions who are under maintenance from Siemens (please see attached the "End of Maintenance attachemnts for NX and Teamcenter).
  • For customers who want to update on the Teamcenter 11.3 version: From TC 11.3 and on, a new license verification will be done upon the creation of manufacturing objects like MEProcess, MEOP, MEWorkArea and their sub-types (including custom types). This check will be done on server side per Teamcenter policy and to ensure license verification. It will use two new feature keys: 
    1) mfg_planning_lite for verifying MEProcess, MEOP and their sub-types 
    2) mfg_plant_author for verifying MEWorkArea and its sub-types.
    This new license check will be done in addition to other license verification that exists today. If you don't find them in your Teamcenter 11.3 license key please get in contact with Siemens PLM.

Shop Floor Connect / 3rd Party Integration / API


  • ActiveDNC: Modify UI for close Active Workspace look and feel
  • New configuration file 'ShopFloorConnect/conf/SFCWorkpackage_conf.xml'. Used by ActiveDNC and API function SFC_RequestSFCWorkpackage_20174.
  • ActiveDNC: Added localization support. Available locals are "en" (default) and "de". Use language configuration of the browser to set language.
  • ActiveDNC: It's now possible to define shown properties in configuration file 'ShopFloorConnect/conf/SFCWorkpackage_conf.xml'.
  • New configuration property TCConnectionCheck.Interval in file SOAPWrapper/WEB-INF/conf/
  • Additional configuration property TCConnectionCheck.checkFCC in SOAPWrapper/WEB-INF/conf/
  • API function SFC_RequestSFCWorkpackage_20174 is now using manufacturing context to access data of a MEOP Revision.
  • New API function SFC_ExecuteQuery_20182.
  • New API function SFC_Config_GetQueryConfig_20182.
  • New API function SFC_DataManagement_SetAttributes_20182.
  • Configuration key "Tool.DateLastRun" removed for Zoller integration. Only MRL mode is supported, NX mode is not available anymore.
  • You can now transfer documents such as PDFs from Teamcenter MRL to Zoller TMS solution.
    New parameter available in ""!
    - MRL.Tool.DocumentFile.DatasetTypeList
    - MRL.Tool.DocumentFile.Filepath
    For detailed information please take a look at the document "Installation, Update and Configuration".


  • Fixed an issue in the old web client where graphic files of a HTML ShopDoc seems to be broken if the new automatic display configuration (IR 7954239) is in use.
  • Fixed an issue where TransferLog forms are accumulated in the home folder of the pool user.
  • Neu configuration key in Webclient for SSO: tcSSONoApplets This key controls the parameter TCSSONOAPPLETS in templates tcssologon.vm and tcssologout.vm. If this parameter is changed in a template, please set configuration property after the update to the correct value.
  • FMS error code -9222 added into failover switch check.
  • After a login of a Teamcenter user with license level Admin the FCC write test will now be executed.
  • New configuration parameter for Zoller "Tool.Orientation" for mapping nominal setup values. For more detailed information take a look at "" file or the "Installand Configuration" documentation.



  • Fixed an issue in DirectWebDNC in combination with SFC which breaks a request with error: Source for file xxxxx is not Teamcenter (null)! Export skipped!
  • Fixed an issue with WuT COMServer and Web-IO where a restart of a MI executed a reset of the whole device instead only resetting the COM interface if a system password is configured to access the WuT device.

Subject to change without notice.