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ANDRITZ Ritz: Direct connection between design and production decreases the
likelihood of errors and reduces downtime

PLM-CNC integration ensures a seamless flow of information from CAD/CAM to machine tool controls, automates production, reduces costs and accelerates processing times.

Extending improvements right through to production

andritz ritzThe next business objective was optimising NC programming and tool management. "We have organised all technical and commercial systems so that employees can benefit from the previous input of other employees in the process chain," said Steeb. "That's why we also had to focus the selection criteria for CAM on an integrated process."

Numerous CAM systems were evaluated based on selection criteria such as the reduction of processing time, an increase in product quality, simple usage and the possibility of achieving a higher degree of workflow automation between design, NC programming and production. Twelve providers submitted integration proposal offers. Following the presentation of five systems and intensive workshops with two providers, the PLM comptenence network, under the overall control of A+B Solutions, was awarded the contract. This Siemens PLM Software partner offers both software solutions, such as NX or Teamcenter, and comprehensive PLM services, including system introduction.


"Due to the direct access to PLM information on the shop floor, our machines' idle times are significantly reduced, and our colleagues are able to effectively minimize variation in quality and manufacturing errors."
Hans-Jürgen Steeb, Leiter IT und Organisation, ANDRITZ Ritz


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