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Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter

shop floor connect

Seamless connection of production to the Teamcenter PLM solution from Siemens Digital Industries Software

Companies in the manufacturing industry are facing greater and greater challenges. They must continuously adapt even more quickly to constantly changing market situations – and they have to do so under increasing cost pressure. It is only possible to survive in global competition by keeping business processes under control.

PLM solutions, which efficiently manage the complete product lifecycle, provide crucial support here. However, this can only work if all areas along the process chain are incorporated in the creation of a product. This is often not the case today. Product development is indeed usually well integrated, but the integration usually stops at the door to production at the latest.

A+B Solutions has stepped up as a development and OEM partner for Siemens Digital Industries Software to close this process gap. The company, which has been one of the leading providers of web-based solutions for manufacturing communication and control for more than 30 years, works closely with Siemens Digital Industries Software to develop DNC, manufacturing information and manufacturing control solutions for integration into Teamcenter in order to close up the process gaps described above.

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter integrates users in manufacturing, assembly and other areas of the production environment into the Teamcenter PLM system. The manufacturing and assembly information (NC programmes, tooling sheets, drawings, assembly instructions, etc.) that are released for the operators can be visualised and requested as well as returned via a simple browser-based user interface.

""Using the Shop Floor Connect solution integrated into Teamcenter reduces our throughput times, minimises our reject rates and gives us direct reports from manufacturing. That results in higher quality, productivity and delivery reliability."
Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG, Schorndorf-Weiler

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