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DNC Connect for NX

The challenges for a given CAM system user are varied

  • Where and how are the data managed?
  • Are the data transparent for everyone?
  • What data have been released?
  • What happens to changes from production?
  • How can I ensure secure access?
  • Can I connect a DNC system?

Especially for users of 3D CAM systems, there is a further degree of complexity relating to the amount of data to be created. CAM can easily turn one part data set from construction into more than 1,000. This amount of data must be kept under control.

To deal with this, Siemens Digital Industries Software has created a technology path with various solutions with which the client can grow from a native to a fully-managed environment. One solution for this is DNC Connect for NX.

DNC Connect for NX allows the native NX Cam user to easily and directly manage created production data such as NC programmes, tool lists, tooling sheets and clamping plans. By connecting Shop Floor Connect, these data can also be made available to production. The benefits to the native NX Cam user are the integrated management and user interface, rapid searching via a browser interface and the secure management of data in unified environment. In addition to managing them, DNC Connect also allows NX CAM users to add, search for, revise, release and block production data. The user can do all of this directly from the usual NX CAM interface without ever having to leave it.

DNC Connect for NX